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Cats have been part of the environment, culture and mythology of human beings for thousands of years. The lion, in particular, is widely used as a symbol of royalty, power and status to the present day. In pre-Colombian civilisations throughout Central America, the jaguar enjoyed high ritual significance,
and the tiger has figured in the art and culture of the great civilisations of Asia.

Wild living cat species hold a very special role in global biodiversity conservation. Wherever they are protected successfully, wide varieties of other species and in fact entire ecosystems benefit directly,
as do the people who live in and around these areas.

Demographic development over decades to come makes things look grim for our wild cat species. Some subspecies are already extinct; and others are on the brink of extinction. But human beings have no right to eliminate other species. Indeed, in view of the extent of human domination of the natural environment, we have a responsibility and obligation to all species and to our descendants to perpetuate their existence. – Extinction is forever.

It is not enough to conserve the ashes. It is our common duty to pass on the fire.

By supporting the IUCN/SSC Cat Specialist Group you can make a meaningful difference.

Iberian lynx
© Alex Sliwa